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Patient 1
     Prior to Implants  Day of Implant Surgery
The patient suffered from a syndrome (sjogrens) that causes the mouth to be very very dry mouth.  As a result it becomes extremely difficult to maintain oral health and avoid dental decay.  Fortunately through the use of dental implants and immediate tooth replacement he was able to minimize his time in a removable prosthesis (denture). He was able to enjoy the comfort and function that comes from "teeth-in-a-day."

Patient 2
                   Prior to Implants                    Day of Implant Insertion
This patient presented with periodontally involved teeth.  She had reached a point in which her teeth were no longer maintainable.  She was concerned about having dentures.  She was presented with all options available.  She elected to proceed with a immediate/temporary upper denture and an immediate implant fixed bridge in her lower jaw. 

Patient 3
  Day of Implant Surgery

This particular patient requested to phase his treatment over time.  As a result he wore dentures for about a year.   When it came time to move forward with dental implants he elected to immediately load the implants to eliminate the need for his lower denture.  He was able to wear this immediate temporary fixed implant bridge for an extended time to help spread the treatment over a longer period of time.  The photo provides an example of how a same day prosthesis may appear the same day as implant surgery.  

Patient 4
    Same Day of Implant Surgery

This patient presented with non-restorable lower left teeth.  Unfortunately he was leaving for the winter and wouldn't be back until the spring.  His implants in the lower right side of his mouth were in good repair and he did not want another removable partial denture while his mouth healed from the tooth loss of the lower left jaw.  Avoiding a removable temporary bridge we were able to provide him with an immediately loaded implant bridge that was inserted the same day the teeth were removed and the implants were inserted.  He was very grateful to have solid teeth while he healed and was away.  It allowed him to be comfortable until he was able to proceed with the remaining treatment.

Patient 5

Patient 6
Day of Implant Surgery Day of Implant Surgery