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Complete Denture - Patient Presentation and Testimonials

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Patient 1

Patient 2

"I was referred to Dr. Michael Gurney to confer on the possibility of having implants.
  Unfortunately, because of previous medications I received for Osteoporosis, I probably won’t be a candidate for the implants, however, Dr. Gurney has definitely changed my life with the new dentures he designed for me.  When I say designed I mean it.  Ordinary dentists take molds and have dentures made.  Dr. Gurney made the molds then spent several weeks fitting, refitting and redoing the molds.  By the time he finished I not only had new dentures after 11 years but a new facial look besides.  Photos he took of me show a difference in how I look.  I used the photo on my Facebook page and have had several people comment on “the new me”.  Considering I am a 77 year old woman I didn’t expect a new look.  The dentures have not solved all my problems but, considering my lack of bone, that is not the doctor’s fault and they have definitely helped a lot.  I would also like to say that Dr. Gurney and his staff are the most caring people you could ask for.  I actually had “fun” going in for my appointments. They made the experience enjoyable.  I would recommend them to anyone who not only needs dentures for eating but who care about how they look.  Oh, and I only had to go back once, after receiving the dentures, because of sore spots.  Thank you to the staff at Boise Prosthodontics for a great experience." - Patient 2

Patient 3

"Dr. Gurney was meticulous in fitting and making my new dentures.  Adjustments were minimal and performed without hesitation.  I am very pleased with how they fit and look.  The Doctor and his staff provided a very comfortable and welcoming experience." - Patient 3