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Implant Overdentures

There are situations in which optimal implant therapy for complete tooth replacement prostheses should be removable. Situations in which this may be true include: a need to be able to remove the prosthesis to ensure proper oral hygiene, a need for cheek and facial support as a result of bone loss in the jaws following tooth loss, and per patient requests. The number of implants required for implant overdentures can range from 2-6 depending on patients anatomic limitations as well as their expectations.

Major advantages of the incorporation of dental implants with removable prosthesis include: improved stability, improved retention, improved confidence, improved comfort, removal of the palatal coverage, improved ability to taste food, improved functional ability

There are a variety of different options when considering an implant retained removable dental prosthesis. The options include:

  • Implant retained overdentures
  • Bar retained overdentures

Click an image below to see examples of Implant Overdentures Click here to see Implant Retained Overdenture Example.

Click here to see Bar Retained Overdenture Example.

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